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Current Audio

December 28, 2018

Soundvision Technologies has acquired Current Audio from Structured Cable Products ... [ read more ]

SCP Opens New Facility with $225K Dedicated Theater Free for Integrators

Jason Knott · November 16, 2016
Integrators all know that if you can conduct a demo with a prospective client, the chance of closing the deal and earning a higher ticket on the sale greatly increase. But most CE pros don’t have the time, energy or money to build a dedicated home theater in their showroom? Or, for that matter, have a showroom at all?

Well, Structured Cable Products (SCP) just solved that dilemma. The company, which manufactures cable, racks, Current Audio speakers, structured wiring enclosures and other low-voltage accessories along with distributing the new Pulse 8 by Neo multiroom A/V system, opened a brand new six-seat theater at its new Fort Lauderdale, Fla., headquarters that is for use by integrators exclusively to host clients … for free!

“Eight out of 10 integrators down here in Florida do not have a showroom,” says Dave Spiller, president of SCP. “The theater has a completely separate entrance on the side of the SCP facility, so dealers can bring their clients through the side door without having to go through the main entry.”

Integrators are given a unique four-digit code to enter the theater from the parking lot. All SCP asks is that integrators give the company 24 hours’ notice via phone call or email when they plan to use the theater ... [ read more ]

CE Pro Video Q&A: SCP Branches Out Into New Product Categories

Jason Knott · October 24, 2016
Like many other manufacturers, Structured Cable Products (SCP) is diversifying into multiple categories of products. The latest extensions are the introduction of the Pulse 8 Neo multiroom A/V switcher to the U.S. market, along with the purchase of Current Audio.

"The Pulse 8 Neo is unique because it has CEC," says David Spiller, president. This allows the television remote to be able to control all the additional devices connected to the switcher. "This provides a tremendous value and ease of use for the homeowner."

Other key features of the 4K Pulse 8 are it a full monitoring system to help reduce unnecessary truck rolls, and it is cloud-based with a dashboard page for each customer available to the dealer.

For Current Audio, SCP is excited to bring the company's five series of speakers, integrated amps and control products to dealers. Current Audio has 17 different patents, including one for its innovative FastLoc grille, which Spiller says is much better than a magnetic grille for speakers ... [ read more ]