Cable Labeling System

Structured Cable Products makes your installation work much easier with our Cable Labeling System. Our cables come preprinted with all of the necessary information that the installer needs for the quickest no hassle installation.

The SCP Cable Labeling System includes:SCP Structured Cable Products HDMI Cable CAT5 CAT6 Cable Leading Manufacturer Global Supplier Low Voltage Cable

  • Description of the Cable (1)
  • Certifications such as UL (2)
  • Sequential Foot Markings (3)
  • ROHS designation if applicable (4)
  • SCP location numbering system including Room and Outlet designations (5)

Installers use the SCP Cable Labeling System in many ways. The SCP Cable Labeling System can be used to:

  • Reduce wastage
  • Ensure accuracy of footage when cutting cables
  • Sequential foot markings show you how much cable is left on a roll
  • Identify specific locations and runs
  • And more