SCP's HNCPRO™ for Cat5e and HNCPROPLUS+™ for Cat6 were the first Category cables tested and recommended by HDBaseT Alliance. These cables are the first HDBaseT Category cables on the market.

Since their introduction into the European market in 2011 and 2012 for the USA, these cables have provided improved signal integrity and more stable electrical performance for A/V and datacom applications than standard Cat5e or Cat6 cables.

All Cat5e and Cat6 cables are not alike

For many years industry integrators and electricians treated all Cat5e and Cat6 as if it were a standard electrical cable. Whatever brand or no brand that was the lowest price and claimed to meet the minimum regulatory standards, then that was the cable bought and installed. Little or no thought was given to the cable applications, as it was primarily going to be used for simple internet, data, or telephone applications. Everyone knew that you only used RG6/U coax for CATV or satellite video connections. Coax was where the higher bandwidth applications would be used.

Well, times have surely changed. Today, more and more applications are running over twisted pair Cat5e and Cat6 than ever before. And those cheap Cat5e cables that were originally installed... well, they are being removed and re-wired with higher performing cables in order to meet the HD demands of today's electronics such as HDBaseT that use Category cables.

All A/V integrators know the troubleshooting headaches that affect the performance of their installation. Many times these issues are intermittent and difficult to identify. And if their installation relied on previously installed Cat5e or Cat6, the usual culprit of these troubleshooting headaches is the cable. Those integrators that use SCP's HNCPRO for Cat5e or HNCPROPLUS+ for Cat6 are able to eliminate cable related troubleshooting issues, thereby reducing installation time and job call backs. This increases customer satisfaction and reduces job costs.

What makes SCP's HNCPRO for Cat5e and HNCPROPLUS+ for Cat6 superior to standard Cat5e and Cat6?

HNCPRO and HNCPROPLUS+ cables are higher performing Cat5e and Cat6 category cables. These cables were designed and manufactured to meet the growing demands for Category cables. These cables provide superior performance for both A/V and datacom applications. These SCP cables provide improved headroom and stringent construction parameters to outperform standard Cat5e and Cat6 cables. In addition, each box or spool of cable is tested at our factory to ensure performance and long-term reliability. Each box/spool has a copy of the test report attached with the cable. Only after the cable has been tested and approved is it shipped to our warehouses.

Both HNCPRO for Cat5e and HNCPROPLUS+ for Cat6 are UL and riser rated. For our international customers,we also offer our low smoke zero halogen (LSZH/LSOH) versions for commercial and institutional installations. HNCPRO and HNCPROPLUS+ are available in both unshielded twisted pair (UTP) in 8 different jacket colors and shielded twisted pair (F/UTP).

Additionally, each cable has SCP's Cable Labeling System that provides not only sequential foot or meter markings, but also room, device, and outlet identifications.

All HNCPRO for Cat5e and HNCPROPLUS for Cat6 comply with TIA/EIA 568-C.2 and ISO/IEC 11801 Ed2 Class D and E. These cables are also RohS and CE compliant.