RG11/U COAX 3.0GHz 14 AWG CCS, 60% AL BRAID Coaxial cable BLACK - 1000 FT SPOOL


RG11/U COAX 3.0GHz 14 AWG CCS, 60% AL BRAID Coaxial cable BLACK - 1000 FT SPOOL

Product InformationSCP RG11/U Coaxial cables are a 75"Dual Screen Coaxial Cable. This cable is primarily used for longer distance runs for residential and commercial antenna, cable television and satellite installations requiring additional performance above a RG6/U coax cable. SCP RG6/U BC Coax cables have a 14 AWG solid copper clad steel center conductor surrounded by a foam polyethylene dielectric. A bonded aluminum foil and 60% aluminum braid provide 100% shield coverage. Electrical performance is comparable to the RG6/U. This cable is available in a PVC or Direct Burial jacket.

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