SIMPLY45 Pass Through RJ45 Modular Plug Termination System SCP

Simply45® is the leading brand for RJ45 modular plug innovation and performance solutions. Our RJ45 solutions are so innovative that we have patents filed on many of our product features.

Simply45® provides solutions for both Pass Through RJ45 Modular Plugs and Standard WE/SS (8P8C) RJ45 Modular Plugs. Simply45® also offers a selection of industry-leading Tools. Simply45® understands the importance that both LAN cables and RJ45 modular plugs must work together at the highest levels to support the performance requirements for today’s applications.

Our Simply45® products are broken down into three categories: Simply45® Pass Through Series, Simply45® Standard Series, and Simply45® Tools. You can learn more about Simply45® by scrolling below or by visiting us at

Simply45® Pass Through Series

Simply45 Pass Through Series

Simply45® Standard Series

Simply45 Standard Series

Simply45® Tools

If you're interested in purchasing any of our products, becoming a dealer/integrator, or becoming a volume distributor, please reach out to us via our website.